When I go near wireless mice/keyboards, they stop working. (I can provide
witnesses to this.) Want me to visit your office? ;-)
P.S. How densely clustered are these users? Does one user's interference
stop if you turn off the other user's mouse? Seems like it'd be a quick way
to verify that it's not somebody between them before you start cubicle


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Since this morning, we've ruled out the possibility of the USB mice being
affected as well. Apparently those folks with USB mice who complained were
not having the same kind of cursor movement -- it was just the seldom jumpy
cursor (where it spasms between 2-3 pixels while idle) usually seen only
with optical mice. Fortunately I've been able to see it in action today, and
it definitely seems to be coming from someone else's mouse as it appears to
be normal mouse movements. The affected users are roughly 30-40 feet away,
so we're checking to see if there is someone between of all of them who has
a wireless mouse.
I like the idea of prohibiting the devices altogether. Would definitely save
a lot of time -- I've not been able to get much serious work done today.
Brian Cline 


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Usually I see this from interference using wireless mice.  Usually it’s
caused by people with other wireless devices close by and they are both
operating on the same channel.  RF can operate through walls, so
interference doesn’t have to be line of sight and can come through walls,
from above or below if transmitting omnidirectionally.  Just had this
recently where a bunch of staffers with laptops got wireless external
keypads, all the same make and model, and found the range of these things
was 20 feet.  Cell Phones, Microwaves, and other common items may also cause
this for the same reasons.  I no longer allow wireless devices in my
environments just to save the hassle.


You say this also happens with some wired usb mice?  Have you tried moving
these to a different USB port on the system, preferably connected to a
different USB controller?


Scott Klassen


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Yesterday we had several people complain that their cursor was moving around
on its own, but not erratically or quickly as one would suspect might be the
case of a mouse issue. I used SMS remote tools to watch one person's screen,
and she noted that the way the cursor moved while I was in there checking
things was exactly the same way it was moving before -- it was just as
though someone was actually in there.

Now I can't begin to describe how odd this is -- but I can't seem to find
any common denominator for the folks who experienced this problem (so far,
three or four). Some have wireless mice with a short range and good
batteries with no problems otherwise, whereas the others have standard,
working USB mice. I have seen this before where the language bar was
detecting office and keyboard noise through the microphone as dictated
commands to do thing, but the problem persisted on the first PC after I
disabled it, and I don't think that particular model has a built-in mic. I
checked the event logs and the only person who used the SMS remote control
was me, so I can't imagine that anyone else would have been remoting it
either. So far today I have not heard any more complaints, but nevertheless
I'm still curious yet baffled.

All PCs have updated virus and spyware definitions. Does anyone have ideas
on where to start looking if this problem surfaces again? If it continues
we'll have the corporate chaplain bring in his exorcist buddy.

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