As you noticed, PyPPM is no longer part of ActivePython 2.3.x.  The
fundamental reason for that change is that the old PyPPM infrastructure
was not maintainable or scalable (keeping modules up to date was very
painful and adding new modules even more so).

Rather than keep patching a system which didn't fit in well with the
core infrastructure for building and distributing Python packages, we
think that everyone is better served if we spend a bit of time to figure
out how to leverage some of the new developments in Python (such as
PyPI, the Python Package Index and the wider adoption of distutils, the
distribution package) to come up with a good next-generation system.
Given our limited resources, we couldn't _both_ maintain the old system
and work on the new one.

In coming weeks, we'll try to reach out to the ActivePython community
and figure out what _you_ think we should do when it comes to package
management for Python (which input will naturally be combined with our
opinions, resource constraints, etc.).  In the meantime, please send
your thoughts to:


Thanks for your input,
Trent and the ActivePython team

Trent Mick
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