At 10.45pm NZ time tomorrow night 22nd March I will be presenting (from 
Taranaki) at the Waterwheel symposium in Tunisia on World Water Day. The 
presentation is involves discussing the cultural bridge established with WITT's 
Ahorangi Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru.

A bridge between Maori knowledge and Western science and ideology was created 
for the project Te Kore Rongo Hungaora Uncontainable Second Nature shown in 
Istanbul and Rio (the latter a smaller version) last year. The bridging of 
ideologies across cultural boundaries can be seen widely in Aotearoa, in 
particular with the Department of Conservation, NIWA (National Institute of 
Water and Atmospheric Research) and Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS).  

There is worldwide interest in working across cultures and this is a major 
platform for all Intercreate Research Centre projects including SCANZ 2013: 3rd 
nature, January 19-February 4 2013. It is hoped that the symposium will address 
this subject directly, and result in knowledge and resources that can be spread.

Cultural bridging requires an important psychological step, particularly on the 
part of those in the Western framework of culture and knowledge. To find out 
what this is, please check out the presentation. 

I would also be interested in any discussion about the points above.


Ian Clothier

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Subject: [Ada_list] INVITATION to the Symposium on 22/23March 2012  World Water 

More than 50 participants scientists, artists and professionals from 5 
continents will present & interact with people at Sousse University in Tunisia, 
and with UCLA Nanosystems Centre in LA.

Program: http://bit.ly/Symposium_Program-22March2012
Media Release (English): http://bit.ly/En-MEDIA_RELEASE - please distribute 
Communique (francais): http://bit.ly/Fr-COMMUNIQUE - veuillez distribuer

The symposium will promote exchange between all those who are, for various 
reasons, concerned with water issues, land management and hydraulic 
infrastructure, for a better sharing of knowledge and governance thanks to 
Waterwheel, an online platform dedicated to Water http://water-wheel.net/

Symposium is free. It will be introduced by Riccardo Petrella (author of 'The 
Water Manifesto') and Ulay (known for his performances with Marina Abramovic, 
photo/videographer, activist), joined later by Professor Jean-Paul Laborie (Fr) 
and Victoria Vesna, Co-Director of UCLA Nanosystems Centre, USA
HOWTO on the Day
To view the Symposium LIVE ONLINE, open your browser and go to 
http://water-wheel.net/tap , click the top-most Symposium link If the TAP EVENT 
is still yet to begin, please reload the page after the designated time.  On 
the top right, chose to type a username or stay anonymous, and click "ENTER".
Participants are from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, India, Ireland, 
Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman Sultanate, Portugal, Saoudi Arabia, 
Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, United Kingdom and USA:

Aafke de Jong, Alessandro Carboni, Amin Hammami, Daniel Nilsson, Diana 
Lebensohn, Diane Cheklich, Eklavaya Prasad, Esteban Insinger, Fabian Kesler, 
Feirouz Meghdich, Gil Kuno, Hedva Eltanani, Hichem Rejeb, Ian Clothier, Jondi 
Keane, Julie Robson, Karim BelHaj Farhat, Keith Armstrong, Lucas Ihlein, Luís 
Alberto Bittencourt, Ian Milliss, Maartje Belmer, Mahesh Vinayakram, Malek 
Lataoui, Maria Chatzichristodoulou aka Maria X, Mary Gardner, Mohamed Moussa, 
Naoufel Souayah, Nathalie Fougeras, Nebiha Bayrem, Nizar Sayari, Pauline 
O'conell, Peggy Christina Marshall-Amundsen, Radhouan Nciri, Rim Awali, Roger 
Alsop, Sana Mezoughi, Silvia Rigon, Suzon Fuks, Tom Skipp, Vicki Smith, Walid 
Lataoui, West Marrin, Yasmin Attia Zahra, and Prof aka Jeff Turpin.

For more info: sympos...@water-wheel.net

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