The suggestion help IP broker to made bigger IP block and earn more money. bigger IP block is more expensive than smaller one. :)

Also why RIPE NCC should return "Spam dirty" IP range and assign new one to a user?


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One of the goals of RIPE is to aggregate IP addresses. I'd like to suggest the ability for a LIR and End User to exchange number of blocks of IP ranges for a greater block.

For example:
LIR/End User has 4 different /22 subnets and LIR/End User can exchange these subnets for 1 x /20 subnet.

This gives a LIR or End User the possibility to announce larger IP subnets to the Internet. Helping the goal of aggregating the IP addresses on the Internet.

According one of the RIPE trainer, this is currently not possible according the RIPE policy. Because there's no policy to give a LIR/End User this ability.

I'm curious to what you think of this idea.

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