Anno domini 2018 JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via address-policy-wg scripsit:


> PI and PA are artificial names for the same thing.

They are not.

> There is only one type of Global Unicast Addresses in IPv6.

Not true.

PI and PA are sliced from different pools which may have (I didn't evaluate
that by myself yet) different routing policies in the DFZ. At least
I've seen filters or BCOPs for PA space differ from PI space in the
means of what prefix lengths to accept.

> As I already explained before, the same way the AGM created the end-user 
> contract and the corresponding fee, they should be a new fee structure within 
> the LIR contract, for those that have one of few /48s instead of /32 or /29, 
> etc.

And there you are mixing GM and AP-WG again. This is neither a topic
for this WG, nor do I think that there would be any possible
consensus about a change in charging schema.

And basicly I'm with some other here:

What is your real intent with all this? Simplification does not seem
to be it.


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