memories of the times when tape drives were horribly expensive and one could
only afford 1 drive. Create a diskpool, add that pool as reclamationtarget in
the tapepool and let the reclamation work. Size the diskpool accordingly to
hold all data.
After the tape is empty, start a migration of the diskpool back to the

Same scheme applies for a VTL, but for a higher price.
On Mi, 2016-09-21 at 12:04 -0300, Fábio Chicout wrote:
> Hi, there!
> I've got a broken drive here and my tape library is working only with 1
> drive (a IBM TS3200).
> As it's only with 1 drive, all reclamation is failing.
> Me and my team had a (very) crazy idea on using a VTL as a second drive to
> make (eventual, not scheduled) reclamation, while we're working on fix the
> tape library.
> My questions:
> - Is it possible?
> - If so, what is the best way to achieve?
> Att,
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