your idea is not as crazy as you think.  TSM and Spectrum Protect have an 
option available that allows you to use disk as a reclamation area.  This 
is from the manual:

Specifies another primary storage pool as a target for reclaimed data from 
this storage pool. This parameter is optional. When the server reclaims 
volumes for he storage pool, the server moves unexpired data from the 
volumes that are being reclaimed to the storage pool named with this 
parameter. A reclaim storage pool is most useful for a storage pool that 
has only one drive in its library. When you specify this parameter, the 
server moves all data from reclaimed volumes to the reclaim storage pool 
regardless of the number of drives in the library. To move data from the 
reclaim storage pool back to the original storage pool, use the storage 
pool hierarchy. Specify the original storage pool as the next storage pool 
for the reclaim storage pool. 

  You would need to create a new primary storage pool (device class file), 
then update your current tape storage pool with the RECLAIMSTG=<new 
stgpool name> and you will be able to perform reclamations.  As a FYI, the 
data that goes into that reclamation stgpool WILL NOT automatically move 
the data back to your tape pool, you will have to do a move data command 
or setup up the tape pool as your next stgpool when you create the new 

Hope this helps, you might think about purchasing more tape drives or 
start using your data domain appliances as a tape library.

Best Regards,

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From:   Fábio Chicout <fabio.chic...@ufpe.br>
Date:   09/21/2016 08:07 AM
Subject:        [ADSM-L] Broken Drive
Sent by:        "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L@VM.MARIST.EDU>

Hi, there!

I've got a broken drive here and my tape library is working only with 1 
drive (a IBM TS3200).
As it's only with 1 drive, all reclamation is failing.

Me and my team had a (very) crazy idea on using a VTL as a second drive to 
make (eventual, not scheduled) reclamation, while we're working on fix the 
tape library.

My questions:

- Is it possible?
- If so, what is the best way to achieve?


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