For the Management Class, the parameters should be:
Versions Data Exist: NO LIMIT
Versions Data Deleted Exist: NO LIMIT
Retain Extra Versions: 31
Retain Only Version: 31


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Subject: [ADSM-L] MSQSSQL TDP 6.4 and 7.4.1 : legacy backup do not expire

Hi All,
We have a Sev 1 PMR opened at IBM since Monday and at this time still no 
Here is the situation :
We have implemented one year ago MSSQL TDP, first in 6.4 and after we migrated 
to in order to backup MSSQL AlwaysOn instances.
Backups (Full and logs) are running fine.  We need to be able to keep backups 
for only 31 days.
We only use Legacy backups, no VSS backups at all.
Restoration are running 'fine ' (meaning they can be done).  But we have faced 
an issue during the first step when  the TDP requests the objects list to the 
TSM instance.
For exemple, it can take up to 6H30 !!!!
After some investigations it appears that on the TSM instance, none of the 
objects become inactive. So, none of them expire correctly and by the way 
For exemple :

CLASS_NAME from backups where NODE_NAME='MYNODE_TDP'
will show things like :
MYNODE_TDP       PXXXX\data\0001      ACTIVE_VERSION  FILE    2015-12-31 
17:30:18.000000              MC_PROD_LOG_SQL

So neither in 6.4 version or version an expiration have occurred.

Management class and copygroups :

        Policy Domain Name: DOM_PROD
               Policy Set Name: ACTIVE
               Mgmt Class Name: MC_PROD_LOG_SQL
          Default Mgmt Class ?: No
                   Description : MC for MSSQL
    Space Management Technique: None
       Auto-Migrate on Non-Use: 0
    Migration Requires Backup?: Yes
         Migration Destination: SPACEMGPOOL Last Update by (administrator): 
         Last Update Date/Time: 04-09-2014 16:05:23
              Managing profile:
               Changes Pending: No

Associated copygroup :
                Policy Domain Name: DOM_PROD
                    Policy Set Name: ACTIVE
                    Mgmt Class Name: MC_PROD_LOG_SQL
                    Copy Group Name: STANDARD
                    Copy Group Type: Backup
               Versions Data Exists: 31
              Versions Data Deleted: 1
              Retain Extra Versions: No Limit
                Retain Only Version: 31
                          Copy Mode: Modified
                 Copy Serialization: Static
                     Copy Frequency: 0
                   Copy Destination: STG_DISK_PRD_DAT Table of Contents (TOC) 
     Last Update by (administrator): MYADMIN
              Last Update Date/Time: 04-09-2014 16:12:00
                   Managing profile:
                    Changes Pending: No

So at this time, we have a real production issue :

*         Impossible to match the requested SLA

*         An incredible number of objects stored on TSM instance

*         No idea of the root cause and how to sole the problem

Any help would be really appreciated,
I will summarize.
Have a great day,


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