On 13.1.2017. 9:17, Conny Landstedt wrote:
> Hi,
> The same target container pool for both PROTECT STG and REPLICATE
> NODE, otherwise the whole concept of combining them fails.
> This IBM Technote goes further into the matter
> http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21978041
> Best regards Conny Landstedt

and thank you for the link.

The following is clearly stated in that IBM Technote:

"It is perfectly possible to replicate objects from a source container
pool to a target traditional VOLUME based storage pool (such as tape)."

My question - is it possible to replicate the other way around?

>From traditional VOLUME based storage pool as a source to a target
container pool?

At the moment we are replicating from a traditional VOLUME based storage
pool (DISK and TAPE) to another remote location traditional DISK based
storage pool.

But, I would like to replace the target stg pool with the container pool
to save disk space at the remote location.

Thank you.

Sasa Drnjevic

> ****
> Hi to  all
> A question to people using PROTECT STG and REPLICATE  NODE what will
> be the best practice to use in the target side for STGPOOL
> One STG  for the protect stg and another STG for the replicate nodes
> , or only one for everything ???
> Both TSM servers version 7.1.7  with O.S Windows 2012 64B
> Best Regards
> Robert

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