Yes, that is possible, we did just that when we went from our old environment 
to our new container based.

Our new primary server had container and file storage pools, the secondary 
server acting as target for replication only had a container storage pool.

We migrated from our old environment into the file pool since support to 
migrate to a container pool was not supported at the time. That file pool was 
then replicated using replicate node to our secondary server.

Best regards
Conny Landstedt


On 13.1.2017. 9:17, Conny Landstedt wrote:
> Hi,
> The same target container pool for both PROTECT STG and REPLICATE 
> NODE, otherwise the whole concept of combining them fails.
> This IBM Technote goes further into the matter
> http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21978041
> Best regards Conny Landstedt

and thank you for the link.

The following is clearly stated in that IBM Technote:

"It is perfectly possible to replicate objects from a source container pool to 
a target traditional VOLUME based storage pool (such as tape)."

My question - is it possible to replicate the other way around?

>From traditional VOLUME based storage pool as a source to a target container 

At the moment we are replicating from a traditional VOLUME based storage pool 
(DISK and TAPE) to another remote location traditional DISK based storage pool.

But, I would like to replace the target stg pool with the container pool to 
save disk space at the remote location.

Thank you.

Sasa Drnjevic

> ****
> Hi to  all
> A question to people using PROTECT STG and REPLICATE  NODE what will 
> be the best practice to use in the target side for STGPOOL
> One STG  for the protect stg and another STG for the replicate nodes , 
> or only one for everything ???
> Both TSM servers version 7.1.7  with O.S Windows 2012 64B
> Best Regards
> Robert

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