If your command sequence happend today,  you only  have to wait another day and 
the extents should be gone.


If this ist the  case BUT you  would like to delete  the unused container(s)  




q extentupdates    <your container pool name>


if you see  „Extent Reuse Delay (Days)  NOT equal to 0  please try to update 



update stgpool  <your container pool name>“  reusedelay=0


After 30 Minutes (sometime also more) the container should be gone (have also a 
look to the meaning of reusedelay).




Another general  point regarding the  update of a stgpooldir with 


In general, the commands  you entered should work but in some of my customer 
cases this was not always  true.


The  update of a stgpooldir with "access=destroyed"   command should mark the 
objects as damaged . 


After that you should be able to see damaged objects -  enter:    „q damaged   
<your container pool name>“



               If not,  you can also  try to use the  audit container  command 
with  „action=markdamaged“  and after that  „ with action=removedamaged„



Rgds michael


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Hi all,


On our new tsm 8.1.1 server I have a directory container pool CC_COM that I no 
longer want to use. It has been used as a target pool for protect stg once, but 
when I saw that a subsequent repl node again copies all data because the 
stgpool in the copygroup is CP_COM (which also exists), I decided to do away 
with the CC_COM pool.


So I updated the stgpooldir to destroyed and ran audit container … 


unfortunately, there are still containers in the directory and no matter what I 
do… the server insists that the container directory still has active data. How 
do I get rid of this directory container?




Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind Regards,


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