Advocacy folks, 
  This might be something interesting to do something with.  TWiki is
  one of those things that lots of folks use, likely without even
  knowing it is perl.


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From: Peter Thoeny <>
Subject: Re:  New TWiki-5.1 Release
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 22:18:01 -0700

Dear Robert,

The open source TWiki community has been working hard over the last 14  
month to produce a collaboration platform that is now much more  
appealing to non-technical users. We focused primarily on usability  
such as point and click user data management, more visual user profile  
pages with picture selector, and a backup feature that helps upgrade  
TWiki sites. The new release also strengthens TWiki as an application  
platform to more easily build custom wiki applications. As previous  
releases in the last two years, the new release is rock solid and can  
be downloaded from

The blog post at  
explains what is new - it also contains screenshots of key usability  
enhancements to get a quick overview.

Could you please help spread the word in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,  
blogs etc? You can point your connections to the blog post indicated  
above, short link is:

Sample tweet you could use:

New TWiki-5.1 release available, primary focus is usability. Overview  
with screenshots: #e20 #enterprise #wiki

Your help spreading the word of the new release is greatly appreciated!

Could you please point your Perl coder friends to our getting involved  
page at ?


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