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> On Sat, 9 Feb 2013, Elaine Ashton wrote:
> > Shlomi you aren't the fruit of my loins nor are you, thankfully, the 
> > last person on earth. I can wait for the right person to give it to 
> > instead of the only person. If you have any more self-referencing quotes 
> > save them for someone else.
> So ... speaking of flame wars driving people in the community away, could 
> you (Elaine and Shlomi) please stop this one now.

sure, the previous message I sent is going to be the last one from me. I
apologise if any one was offended by my opinionated posts, and I am sorry if
anyone has any insurmountable problems with my personality and online
behaviour (which I admit is far from being perfect). Thanks to all the people
for their useful and insightful posts about the original thread and the
sub-thread of encouraging females in the FOSS/free-content worlds.


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