Rereading this, I noticed your earlier statement of:

I know that the KeywordMatchType returns the exact nature of KeywordText, 
> but I'd like anyway to download the KeywordText exactly as it appears on 
> adwords. Is it possible?

*No, this is not possible, but your idea below is exactly what I'd 
recommend. :)*

> Another solution might be, after having downloaded KeywordMatchType, 
> KeywordText, to modify KeywordText string according to KeywordMatchType and 
> some rules, e.g. if KeywordMatchType is Exact, than add square brackets to 
> KeywordText; in this caseI'd need a complete list of rules to properly 
> modify the KeywordText.

The complete list of prefixes and suffixes for each match type are in this 
Help Center article 
<https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2497836?hl=en>. With that 
information, I think you'll be able to achieve what you want, but let me 
know if you have further questions or I missed something.

Josh, AdWords API Team

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 7:55:11 AM UTC-4, Pippo wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry again but I've some privacy issues in my company and really can't 
> provide the ids (I know, it's a really weird thing but it's not my 
> decision)... Just a question: are you able to download a KeywordText with 
> square brackets with Python API v201607 ? The issue is not only for one 
> AdGroup and one Keyword, but it always happens: I manage 100 campaigns, 
> thousands of keywords and I've never seen a KeywordText with square 
> brackets.
> I've just read this topic 
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/adwords-api/25LHtXiFjRk which is 
> from 2009, and I wonder if the situation is still the same (i.e. you don't 
> have this data stored) or, as Joyce Lava answered in this topic, with Java 
> it's actually possible to download brackets.
> Thanks again!
> Best regards 
> Il giorno martedì 13 settembre 2016 15:11:56 UTC+2, Josh Radcliff (AdWords 
> API Team) ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> Could you send the IDs *only to me* by clicking *Reply privately to 
>> author* on this message?
>> Thanks,
>> Josh, AdWords API Team
>> On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 5:39:28 AM UTC-4, Pippo wrote:
>>> Unfortunately I'm not allowed to publish neither the adgroupid nor the 
>>> id in a public forum, I'm sorry... However I've even tried to use 
>>> DownloadReportAsStream function, using different download formats, and the 
>>> result is the same:
>>> I can see keywords like:
>>> "+aaa +bbb"   (and KeywordMatchType is 'Broad' in these cases)
>>> aaa bbb   (and KeywordMatchType is 'Broad', 'Exact' or 'Phrase' in 
>>> these cases)
>>> but no trace of
>>> [aaa bbb]
>>> while I've checked it exists, and it's downloaded simpy as aaa bbb  .
>>> This time I've connected to my account by simply using 
>>> the download_criteria_report_as_stream.py file contained in Python API 
>>> examples directory, therefore I'm pretty sure I've used your "default" 
>>> settings.
>>> Thanks again!
>>> Il giorno venerdì 9 settembre 2016 15:47:20 UTC+2, Josh Radcliff 
>>> (AdWords API Team) ha scritto:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Could you share the *AdGroupId* and (criterion) Id 
>>>> <https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/appendix/reports/keywords-performance-report#id>
>>>>  where 
>>>> you are seeing this issue? I'd like to try to reproduce your exact report 
>>>> output on my side.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Josh, AdWords API Team
>>>> On Friday, September 9, 2016 at 6:37:30 AM UTC-4, Pippo wrote:
>>>>> I use the Keywords Performance Report and the following code
>>>>>         ... 
>>>>>         report_downloader = self.adwords_client.GetReportDownloader(
>>>>> version='v201607')
>>>>>         report = {
>>>>>             'reportName': 'KEYWORDS_PERFORMANCE_REPORT',
>>>>>             'dateRangeType': self.dateRangeType,  # set as today in 
>>>>> my code
>>>>>             'reportType': 'KEYWORDS_PERFORMANCE_REPORT',
>>>>>             'downloadFormat': 'TSV',
>>>>>             'selector': {
>>>>>                 'fields': ['Date', 'Id', 'Criteria', 
>>>>> 'KeywordMatchType', 'AdGroupId', 'AdGroupName', 'CampaignId', 
>>>>> 'CampaignName', 'AverageCpc', 'AveragePosition', 'Impressions', 
>>>>> 'Clicks','Conversions', 'ConversionRate', 'Ctr', 'AverageTimeOnSite', 
>>>>> 'BounceRate', 'Cost', 'CostPerConversion', 'QualityScore'],
>>>>>             }
>>>>>         }
>>>>>         result = report_downloader.DownloadReportAsString(
>>>>>             report, skip_column_header=True, skip_report_header=True,
>>>>>  skip_report_summary=True)
>>>>>         return result
>>>>> and in the result list it returns aaa bbb when on adwords web page 
>>>>> appears as [aaa bbb] .
>>>>> Are there maybe some options which remove brackets from report 
>>>>> download?
>>>>> Thanks again!
>>>>> Il giorno venerdì 9 settembre 2016 11:20:48 UTC+2, Joyce Lava ha 
>>>>> scritto:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>> Please feel free to ask your concerns about AdWords API and we're 
>>>>>> very much happy to assist you.
>>>>>> Regarding your question above, I am not totally sure on what report 
>>>>>> type you tried to download that for the keyword = [aaa bbb], it was 
>>>>>> downloaded as aaa bbb. I tried to download Keywords Performance 
>>>>>> Report 
>>>>>> <https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/appendix/reports/keywords-performance-report>
>>>>>>  with 
>>>>>> my test account using Java client library and the keyword that has 
>>>>>> square 
>>>>>> brackets [] were downloaded as it is. Could you please provide the 
>>>>>> report 
>>>>>> type where you see this behavior and I'll try that in Java client 
>>>>>> library 
>>>>>> to see if this is specific to Python client library?
>>>>>> Also, for keyword that begins with plus sign (+), they are returned 
>>>>>> in the CSV reports as double quoted to avoid treating them as formula. 
>>>>>> The 
>>>>>> same thing applies for text that begins with minus sign (-). 
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> Joyce, AdWords API Team

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