I have a piece of code that returns the count of keywords within a given 
QualityScore range (0 to 6, for instance) through the 

{u'dateRange': {u'max': '20160921', u'min': '20160921'},
 u'fields': [u'Id'],
 u'paging': {u'numberResults': u'0'},
 u'predicates': [{u'field': u'CriteriaType',
                  u'operator': u'EQUALS',
                  u'values': [u'KEYWORD']},
                 {u'field': u'CriterionUse',
                  u'operator': u'EQUALS',
                  u'values': [u'BIDDABLE']},
                 {u'field': u'Status',
                  u'operator': u'EQUALS',
                  u'values': [u'ENABLED']},
                 {u'field': u'QualityScore',
                  u'operator': u'GREATER_THAN_EQUALS',
                  u'values': ['0']},
                 {u'field': u'QualityScore',
                  u'operator': u'LESS_THAN_EQUALS',
                  u'values': ['6']},
                 {u'field': u'AdGroupId',
                  u'operator': u'IN',
                  u'values': [XXXXXX]}]}

This has been working properly until I updated to API v201609. Now I get 0 
results whenever using QualityScore or HasQualityScore as predicates. This 
also diverges from what I see in the User Interface, which displays the 
proper number of keywords that match the criteria (non 0 by the way).

How can I get the API to give the right amount of keywords filtered by 

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