We are downloading Keyword Performence Report data by calling its API. In 
code, we have applied below 4 segments to the report. - 

·         AdNetworkType2

·         Device

·         ClickType

·         Date

This is working correctly.

Now we are trying to generate similar report from AdWords UI side. For this 
we go to Campaigns tab -> then Keywords tab (from left side panel). Here we 
have to download report with same fields and similar segments. For this we 
click on Download icon -> select segments. The segment dropdown doesn't 
contain AdNetworkType2 or Network (with search partners) field.

Can you please help me, how can I apply AdNetworkType2 segment to the 

Also while applying more than 3 segments, its showing message 'If you 
include multiple segments, your download may not be completed'. Can I get 
correct data after applying 4 segments?



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