Grain elevators have a big display next to the scale, right next to the truck.  
Couldn’t the drivers just take a picture with their phone?


Oh, and when your email started with rock and paper, I expected scissors next.


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I am trying to get a local rock quarry to go paperless.  I suggested they email 
the scale ticket to the driver.  They don’t want to attempt to load in all the 
different drivers’ cell phone numbers.  If there is a way using bluetooth or 
something to just display the scale info without too much setup it could work.  
If a driver gets stopped by the highway patrol, if they have a scale ticket 
that is fairly fresh they will not have their weight questioned.  So while not 
a legal requirement to have a scale ticket it is good to have one.


But if you are making lots of trips each day the papers build up.  Like to make 
it easy to just zap the info to something on the drivers’ phone.  The UHP said 
they would be fine with something on the phone.  


Gotta make it easy to integrate with their front office scale ticketing 

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