Had a storm this morning and now have an 11GHz ApexPlus that looks like this.

That's the 6A side. -79 RSSI and -36 MSE. Unpossible. The 6B end shows no lock, -90 RSSI and +3-5 MSE. That seems normal to me. So my assumption is that the 6A end is farked.

And I have had trouble with this pair over the last year or two. One day out of the clear blue, the B side lost 6dB Rx power. Trango logged into them and said everything looks fine, check the latches and alignment. We checked and nothing is physically wrong at either end. And now this.

So my question for the list is would you concur with my assumption. I happen to have a 6A radio that's supposed to go on a site next week.

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