we have a customer we have battled to keep fuctioning. Theyre on 320 with
an air router, DHCP
the router occasionally quits working, we replaced routers twice, and the
whole run of cable, ss, radio, power supply.
we see the MAC on the site router bridge, we see the dhcp discover and
offer in the BMU, but no ACK

finally we get onsite this morning, but it started to rain about 930, at
ten the router came up per the graphs

got on site and logged into the router, eth0 was at 10 full, looking at the
logs it had been flapping down/10full over and over

cycling it brought it back up at 100 full, and no issues.

With the issue resurfacing after replacing the entirety of the run Im
suspecting an issue with the houses electric, bad primary ground in
particular. when it rained, the dirt got more conductive

Our interior run does cross over a copper water pipe, im wondering if they
dont have something grounded to that pipe in the house and when the
conductivity of the primary ground is poor, that pipe becomes energized as
a shunt.

we did add an isolated ground rod to the SS, im hoping what i will see next
time the issue surfaces is a blown port on the router

We told them we wont come back out until an electrician looks over the
homes electrical, they asked what to tell the electrician. Is there proper
terminology that would need to be relayed to the electrician? I figure they
need to verify the overal system ground, the frequency, and ambient
voltage, but I dont know, Im not an electrician

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