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Why should you even get access to my ducts or my poles in the first place?

I paid to have them put in for my use.  I realize it is somewhat the "law of 
the commons" but even then, those who file for a mining claim get the spoils of 
the mine.  This is just a different kind of mine.

You still pay an attachment fee because you forced the upgrade of my pole. It 
wasn't overloaded before you came along.  I don't even want you on it in the 
first place, but the law says I have to.  Your cable makes it non compliant 
with FERC.  Not my fault.  You wanna attach, give me a new pole and pay for the 

You should be grateful there is a pole there you can use in the first place.
Why not break out your horizontal directional drill and stay the hell off my 

(Chuck McCown is playing the part of the pissed off, privately owned, 
electrical utility in today's episode.  Chuck McCown is not actually a pole 
owner but he plays one on TV).

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> From: "Chuck McCown"
> The FCC regulates pole contacts.
It sure would be nice if they would enforce timely access too.

> How are existing competitors denying anyone access to anything?
By dragging out make ready work for months on end.
Duct owners can also under certain circumstances deny access to duct space.

> Why should the
> power company be forced to replace a pole at their expense if you want to
> attach your cable to it?
I don't recall advocation for that.

That being said, if I paid for the new pole, why am I still paying pole 
attachment fees for that pole and why aren't the other users paying *me* the 
pole attachment fees?


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