You just made me laugh out loud in my office and some of my team members were 
wondering if I was ok ;)

You got almost all it right except the China factories….. they make almost 
$10/week now haha

> On Sep 19, 2016, at 7:18 AM, Adam Moffett <> wrote:
> I said once that I lived in Ithaca, New York, and then I was asked how close 
> I was to the World Trade Center collapse. I've talked about hunting in NY and 
> gotten a (dead serious) response of "How do people hunt with all the 
> buildings around?"  People also assume that a person from New York has to 
> cope with gangs, gridlock, daily shootings, etc.  I met a kid from NY State 
> who briefly went to school in England, he said one of the teachers pulled him 
> aside to ask him how many people he'd killed.   To be fair, it is stupid that 
> they gave a city and a state the same name.
> Iowa is cows and corn fields.
> New York is a city.
> Any place in the middle east is deserts and camels. 
> Transylvania == Dracula in gloomy castle.
> Old China is straw hats and kung fu.  
> Modern China is communist soldiers parading and people working in factories 
> for $5 a week.
> I think for any place we haven't seen, we'll invent an image based on 
> whatever scraps of information we've seen/heard.  I also think we'll cling to 
> the images of things we don't have where we live.  That image isn't likely to 
> pass the most minimal mental scrutiny, but applying logic is something a lot 
> of folks don't practice at.
> </amateur psychology>
> Maybe we should update the US's Canadian stereotype: Igloos, sled dogs, snow, 
> and potent DFS events.
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>> I’m always amazed when I still meet people who think that’s true….  
>> When I was younger I can remember being in Florida for winter holidays and 
>> bumping into some folks who would always ask where you were from.  When you 
>> said Canada you would sometimes get:
>> “hey, we met a guy named Joe from Canada - do you know him?”
>> “what do you feed your dogs in Winter?” (not meaning normal family pets, 
>> they meant sled dogs)
>> “how do you heat the inside of your igloos?”
>> You get the idea… but the worst part is that some of these folks actually 
>> believed that all of Canada was covered in ice/snow and we lived in igloos…. 
>>> On Sep 18, 2016, at 9:34 PM, George Skorup < 
>>> <>> wrote:
>>> Why would we invade Canadia, it's cold and snows there year round.
>>> On 9/18/2016 8:18 PM, Adam Moffett wrote:
>>>> Loose lips sink ships, Sir.
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>>>>> Prelude to the attack...
>>>>> From: Andreas Wiatowski <>
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>>>>> Subject: [AFMUG] 5.4 DFS - For the Canadians on the list
>>>>> Anyone seeing the crazy amount of DFS events in 5.4 that started last 
>>>>> Monday?
>>>>> They are not going away…and they are happening from Toronto all the way 
>>>>> to Woodstock, Ontario.  Anyone else seeing this?
>>>>> Cheers,
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