I said once that I lived in Ithaca, New York, and then I was asked how close I was to the World Trade Center collapse. I've talked about hunting in NY and gotten a (dead serious) response of "How do people hunt with all the buildings around?" People also assume that a person from New York has to cope with gangs, gridlock, daily shootings, etc. I met a kid from NY State who briefly went to school in England, he said one of the teachers pulled him aside to ask him how many people he'd killed. To be fair, it is stupid that they gave a city and a state the same name.

Iowa is cows and corn fields.
New York is a city.
Any place in the middle east is deserts and camels.
Transylvania == Dracula in gloomy castle.
Old China is straw hats and kung fu.
Modern China is communist soldiers parading and people working in factories for $5 a week.

I think for any place we haven't seen, we'll invent an image based on whatever scraps of information we've seen/heard. I also think we'll cling to the images of things we don't have where we live. That image isn't likely to pass the most minimal mental scrutiny, but applying logic is something a lot of folks don't practice at.
</amateur psychology>

Maybe we should update the US's Canadian stereotype: Igloos, sled dogs, snow, and potent DFS events.

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I’m always amazed when I still meet people who think that’s true….

When I was younger I can remember being in Florida for winter holidays and bumping into some folks who would always ask where you were from. When you said Canada you would sometimes get:

“hey, we met a guy named Joe from Canada - do you know him?”
“what do you feed your dogs in Winter?” (not meaning normal family pets, they meant sled dogs)
“how do you heat the inside of your igloos?”

You get the idea… but the worst part is that some of these folks actually believed that all of Canada was covered in ice/snow and we lived in igloos….

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Why would we invade Canadia, it's cold and snows there year round.

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Loose lips sink ships, Sir.

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Prelude to the attack...

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Anyone seeing the crazy amount of DFS events in 5.4 that started last Monday?

They are not going away…and they are happening from Toronto all the way to Woodstock, Ontario. Anyone else seeing this?


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