I planning for upgrading a tower with DC power for the upcoming Medusa and some 
of my Baicell LTE radios.  100 watts per radio should be a good link budget.  
Looking at 16awg, 330ft runs, so thinking about 56v power supply at 2 amps.  
Will this be a good surge protector?  Obviously it will work great for 
lightning, but my questions are.  At 7amp clamping is that ok or too high if we 
get a short on the cable?  Can I just install these at the base of the tower, I 
really don't want to install them at the top too?    I am looking at using 
shielded pairs with a drain wire,  you agree?   Would I want a fuse block with 
a 2 to 3 amp fuse in case of shorts.  I am pretty sure I want to run a superior 
essex cable that has 4 pairs in one jacket, each pair shielded with a drain 
wire, than all pairs shielded again with a drain wire.

I know this is a lot of questions, but you never seem to let me down.    
Thanks, Craig.

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