Looks like they just blew off the connector plates.  It is an arch.  Romans 
didn’t need no stinkin’ connector plates.
A few minutes with a cutting torch on the bottom middle ought to do the job....

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  the demo guys previously had probably only blown up cheap chinese steel. this 
was old US steel

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      This was probably all shaped cutting charges...  The problem with that is 
the internals of the steel.  They usually pre-cut some of the members to 
determine the composition of the charges and if they cut the wrong member they 
get the wrong results...

      On 10/11/16 8:50 PM, Josh Reynolds wrote:

        Pretty sure they didn't think the steel was going to be that resilient.
        Its a far away shot, but it doesn't look like there's anything but
        superficial damage.

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             I have just enough nautical knowledge to seem stupid on the
            Internet...  My theory is that they were planning to neatly cut it
            into medium sized chunks that could be reasonably lifted out of the
            river with a medium sized crane on a flat barge and carried away.
            Severing the whole thing and dropping it into the river in one piece
            would require a significantly larger/more expensive crane and
            corresponding barge.

            Not enough explosives at the severing points, or an underestimate of
            the strength/grade of the steel?

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                OK, mechanical stuff is not my strong point.  But for anyone who
                watched the video of the failed bridge implosion in Little Rock,
                Arkansas, what were they thinking?  It seems they rigged
                explosives on the arch and the bridge deck, both of which are in
                compression.  It seems to me they needed to sever the cables,
                which are in tension.  That at least would have caused the deck
                to collapse.____

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