Something like that. IANAL either, but I think there are still lots of people flying under the radar on this issue. If the underlying carrier is doing the taxes and USF and such then there might not be any red flag there where somebody would notice.

That doesn't mean your compliant with the law and it doesn't mean the correct taxes are being paid.

I did learn at one point that if your USF contributions total less than $10,000 / year that you're a "de minimus" provider and you're just supposed to keep the money. You might want to look into getting it done right....There must be a level of volume where the legal and accounting expense is covered by the USF fees you would have to collect.

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IANAL, but I believe the deciding factor is who bills the customer for the voice services.

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We resell some SIP trunks with PBX we install on our contract services side. We are not the SIP provider in any way, but we do get paid. if its traversing our ISP network does that technically make us a voice provider, or are we still able to hide out as an ISP


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