There's also a lot of PR bullshit that gets repeated by the technology
media and in explanations to non technical customers, such as showing
somebody a multimode OM4 cable used for intra-building 100GbE with MPO/MTP

100GBase-SR4 optics are cheap (relatively) but require running a MPO/MTP
OM4 cable from router-to-router or router-to-agg-switch.

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 11:10 AM, <> wrote:

> > How many different modes can you put on a fiber???
>   Singlemode fiber supports, as it's name indicates, one fundamental mode,
> which consists of two orthogonal polarization modes.
>   Multimode fibers support more than 100 modes.
>   The problem is, we don't have the MIMO technology to deal with more than
> a few modes, so can't just use multimode fiber with all it's modes.
>   Most research concentrates of so called few-mode fibers with a total of
> six polarization and spatial modes.
> Jared

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