Ok folks - how about this scenario.

Say i have a handful of servers in AWS EC2 that I would like to have software 
VPN access to from Phones, laptops, etc.  (ie, this isn't a site to site vpn)
For simplicity's sake, let's say this is a completely isolated environment.  No 
"public" access to said servers.

What would be the best method to accomplish this.  From what I can see, AWS 
will not natively support a client VPN directly to a VPC.
Could you turn up a Mikrotik CHR instance to serve this function?  Would it 

Then scenario B:  if you had both a local VMWare environment, and an AWS 
environment, would you be able to theoretically tunnel between CHR's on both 
Or is this something that is outright disallowed in AWS?


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