I have a site that is using Mikrotik Hotspot for a disclaimer/TOS page. It has been in place for years, and it hasn't been broke, so I haven't fixed it, (ROS v5.0rc3). The AP hardware has been upgraded, currently running ruckus XI-3 AP's. Recently I'm hearing from the site about once a week that someone is either unable to accept the terms, or they accept the terms, it works for a few seconds then they get kicked off. Unfortunately there is nobody technical at the site, so tracking down exactly what is really happening is hard. Every time I'm on site, I can connect/disconnect with my laptop/droid with no issues. Have there been changes made to the Mikrotik hotspotting that would help newer devices connect or stay connected? Reading through the Change Logs, it looks like Mac-Cookie was added in 6.0, but that seems to help when an actual login is required, nothing else jumped out as a big change.

Is there a better/different method for a simple 'click here to accept the terms' solution?


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