That's what I do at hotels.  I get the carrying case of shit devices or
whatever.  I tend to update when there is multiple cases in a few

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On Aug 10, 2017 6:24 PM, "Nate Burke" <> wrote:

> I have a site that is using Mikrotik Hotspot for a disclaimer/TOS page.
> It has been in place for years, and it hasn't been broke, so I haven't
> fixed it, (ROS v5.0rc3).  The AP hardware has been upgraded, currently
> running ruckus XI-3 AP's.  Recently I'm hearing from the site about once a
> week that someone is either unable to accept the terms, or they accept the
> terms, it works for a few seconds then they get kicked off.  Unfortunately
> there is nobody technical at the site, so tracking down exactly what is
> really happening is hard.  Every time I'm on site, I can connect/disconnect
> with my laptop/droid with no issues.  Have there been changes made to the
> Mikrotik hotspotting that would help newer devices connect or stay
> connected?  Reading through the Change Logs, it looks like Mac-Cookie was
> added in 6.0, but that seems to help when an actual login is required,
> nothing else jumped out as a big change.
> Is there a better/different method for a simple 'click here to accept the
> terms' solution?
> Nate

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