No processor architecture has the same performance per MHz as any other 
processor architecture, even same manufacturer, same family. This applies to 
everything, not just MT. 

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Subject: [AFMUG] In Mikrotik is a MHZ a MHZ? 

When comparing Mikrotik capability, is a MHZ a MHZ. I.E. For a single 
CPU application, like a bandwidth test or Interface bridging. Will a 
x86 CPU at 1000mhz perform the same as a CCR CPU at 1000mhz? I have 
some older ATOM based routers that are 2 core hyperthreaded at 1.6 ghz. 
I'm trying to figure out if they can route packets faster or slower than 
a CCR1009. Especially bridging an EoIP Tunnel to an Ethernet interface. 

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