I apologize for the quantity of mostly on-topic questions I'm about to ask
in 2-3 different emails.

For this instance (of the on-topic question emails), I am looking for
recommendations for tools to generate traffic for testing purposes,
specifically the ability to generate things like certain multicast protocol
packets and arp floods and various other specific packet types.   I need to
do some stress testing of one of my products and need to be able to
generate various packets at will.  Some will be based on something I
captured, others will be strategically crafted to perhaps cause an issue.

Last time I did this there were only horrible command line tools and GUI
programs under windows neither of which were very pleasant to use.   I
believe I ended up hacking together some code to make this work, which I
could do again, but I'd really rather take a more lazy approach.

I'm hopeful I can find some intuitive tool which runs preferably under
Windows, but if not under Linux is acceptable.   I'd love to stay away from
composing this on a command line since that is unwieldy.

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