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> Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 3:11:58 AM
> Subject: [AFMUG] Packet/Traffic Generation Tools

> I apologize for the quantity of mostly on-topic questions I'm about to ask in
> 2-3 different emails.
> For this instance (of the on-topic question emails), I am looking for
> recommendations for tools to generate traffic for testing purposes,
> specifically the ability to generate things like certain multicast protocol
> packets and arp floods and various other specific packet types. I need to do
> some stress testing of one of my products and need to be able to generate
> various packets at will. Some will be based on something I captured, others
> will be strategically crafted to perhaps cause an issue.

> Last time I did this there were only horrible command line tools and GUI
> programs under windows neither of which were very pleasant to use. I believe I
> ended up hacking together some code to make this work, which I could do again,
> but I'd really rather take a more lazy approach.

> I'm hopeful I can find some intuitive tool which runs preferably under 
> Windows,
> but if not under Linux is acceptable. I'd love to stay away from composing 
> this
> on a command line since that is unwieldy.

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