I have to generate an alternate mark inversion signal on 1.544 MHz with every 
193rd bit following a t1 framing sequence.
Sure wish a 555 could do that.  

From: Dave 
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 4:10 PM
To: af@afmug.com 
Subject: Re: [AFMUG] OT Raspberry PI

Find a 555 timer ... I used many in the olden day when radioshacks were king 

On 02/22/2018 05:05 PM, ch...@wbmfg.com wrote:

  I am thinking of using some shift registers instead of using the PI output 
directly as the timing signal. 

  Use the PI to load them.  

  I love me some hardware design anyhow....

  From: Colin Stanners 
  Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 3:59 PM
  To: af@afmug.com 
  Subject: Re: [AFMUG] OT Raspberry PI

  Other than setting the process priority, you may need a custom kernel. See 

  On Feb 22, 2018 4:48 PM, <ch...@wbmfg.com> wrote:

    Anyone know how to get my program to run on bare metal?

    Or at the very least tell Linux that my program is the most important thing 
in the world and service it above all other things.

    I am trying to create a timing signal with the Pi.  It is doing it but the 
jitter is pretty bad.  

    I have researched trying to use an interrupt but there is a pretty low 
limit on how many times per second you can fire a hardware interrupt.
    Too low for my application.  


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