I was talking to a Spectrum employee yesterday as he was installing a 1gig
fiber circuit for me and he started talking about how un-common it was to
be seeing a 1 gig DIA circuit installed so i said well what about the cell
phone towers, don't those all have a couple gigs to them and he said. "Oh
no those usually only have 100meg fiber feeds to them." I was like whoa,
thats all? And he said "yeah all the Sprint, T-mobile, and At&T towers that
he's been to are all like 100meg and he's like usually the Verizon ones are
about 300meg circuits."

Does that really sound possible that a cell tower is only using that much
bandwidth? We are pretty rural here county population is only 45,000 and
the city populations are only about 12,000. Can this really be true? And if
so why can't a WISP sell a backup circuit to a cell tower with some Air
Fiber equipment?

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