We still see T1s and no fiber at some rural sites.


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>We are technically rural but in reality we are high density suburban.  
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>I would've guessed they'd want more like 200-300meg at most cell
>towers, but 100meg in a rural area really doesn't surprise me.
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>I was talking to a Spectrum employee yesterday as he was installing a
>1gig fiber circuit for me and he started talking about how un-common it
>was to be seeing a 1 gig DIA circuit installed so i said well what
>about the cell phone towers, don't those all have a couple gigs to them
>and he said. "Oh no those usually only have 100meg fiber feeds to
>them." I was like whoa, thats all? And he said "yeah all the Sprint,
>T-mobile, and At&T towers that he's been to are all like 100meg and
>he's like usually the Verizon ones are about 300meg circuits." 
>Does that really sound possible that a cell tower is only using that
>much bandwidth? We are pretty rural here county population is only
>45,000 and the city populations are only about 12,000. Can this really
>be true? And if so why can't a WISP sell a backup circuit to a cell
>tower with some Air Fiber equipment?

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