I'd like one 2000' tall but it's a rip off if it costs more than a buck 'o eight. Why? Because I'm a WISP that's why.

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They’re custom. I can make them as tall as you’d like. Freestanding monopole style or Rohan style. Generator or solar powered. Etc

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Brett A Mansfield

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You make the COWS? How tall?

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I recently started a company with my brother where we make these custom for the same or less than the average cookie cutter ones. Let me know if you want to buy a custom one. We have one to fit every budget and it only takes 2 weeks to manufacture and deliver.

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Brett A Mansfield

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I am pretty sure that it was Bill MacNamara that had a bunch of them from an acquisition in Texas.

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someone was selling like 40 new ones they were surplus on WISPA list I think about 6 months ago...

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