I use the temp control module for heaters and fans. Same concept. The external relays are 24VDC coil. Contacts rated for 125VAC/10A. The load is on the normally-open side. The temp module calls for heating or cooling and triggers the correct device. e.g. turn on the fan if TempA>30C.

You're just using the contacts on one smaller relay to control the coil on another larger relay. Pretty simple.

On 4/10/2018 11:24 AM, Paul McCall wrote:
Yes, we know that, and have used it on lighter loads.  But, apparently there is 
a challenge on a heavier load as we described below.  Wanting to know if we can 
do what we want and maybe we just have the wrong external relay

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Yes, there is a relay output on the siteMonitor II that you can trigger via 
SNMP or web interface.

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