We use the shit out of trillian connected to our openfire server. Spark
with openfire works well but you can only be logged into your account from
one device at a time, hence trillian. I bought a permanent license for my
client for like 60 bucks, was worth it plus it retains images. You dont
have to connect back to another server like we do, but this way i control
our users and log the communication

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> With the demise of AIM, and not being on any social media sites, what's
> available for Instant messaging apps these days?  Basically so I can send
> the boss Hyperlinks without having to do everything through email
> while we're on an intercom call.    It looks like Trillian.im offers a
> service that is ad free for $2/user/mo  But I thought I saw that there was
> a $10 minimum somewhere.
> Nate

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