On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 05:58:32PM +0000, David Coudron wrote:
> We are a wireless only company, but very interested in, and looking
> ahead to fiber.   We expect it will be part of our make up at some
> time, and this seems like the right group to interact with as we
> learn.   We have gained so much from this group, we are also
> interested in meeting the folks as Jon mentions.   Maybe instead of a
> wireless track, it is a track focused on when is the right time to
> start moving some wireless to fiber and how to do it economically.
> That would hit right home with us even though we are all wireless
> today.

Count another in this wireless-but-looking category.  I was just looking
for the registration page, and noticed it looked things were cancelled.
Then this thread popped up.

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