Because when you get a Borg answer it is "been there done that"
kind of answer whereas when you google it is just open house.

Larry Smith

On Mon April 16 2018 10:47, wrote:
> So, I google storage unit software.... tons of it out there.  Wonder why my
> first instinct is to ask the Borg rather than the google...
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> Sent: Monday, April 16, 2018 9:40 AM
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> Subject: [AFMUG] OT One for the borg
> Thinking of arranging about 50 conex containers on some commercial land I
> own and renting them out for storage. I want software where they will go
> online, see vacancies, rent, auto pay etc.  Totally hands off.  Even like a
> phone app to open the gate for them when they want to get into the place.
> Hate to develop code for this.  It has to exist out in the world
> somewhere...
> Any ideas.

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