I see a few of yous back here can't understand this:
Ya, we love stuff and 'see it', Quala, but head to toe and all-we-can-touch (or 
be touched by) is machine, like a iphone or rock. And a rock is no different 
but I fight for life. Remember I say in the movie we think high of ourselves 
being so smart/death resistant, luck, royal, God, theOne, never wrong, more 
than a machine/ should live, etc. We know in the background we will never 
accept suicide hence we wonder why 'I' am so special that I am way better than 
a rock. We love food/sex/sight-seeing and simulating/games because it lets us 
train the model and test unseen plans/answers for future reward gains of more 
food/sex, simply to survive/breed so to persist, and we seek immortality 
(emerge, repair, persist, is evolution/intelligence) because it's all AI is 
about is repairing in blanks, images, etc - transform, entail, etc - to add 
missing data and be exponentially repairing faster than had been - that's why 
data tech moves so fast these days. Not only will I succeed knowing this, I 
actually believe, but probably can't live it 100% as I'm not perfect and if I 
make it to utopia I'll be mind-wiped at least some so I can just live however 
most of the sphere/disc will be living by enjoying what they do and larger 
nodes know what the parts that make it up know, however inside we can keep 
human/other things around although eventually all should turn to a fabric of 
nanobots that get off on repairing the megastructure constantly/finding / 
distributing new food and shedding radiation.
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