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I've just joined the list so my comment might be reploughing well tilled soil.

A couple of the recents posts to the list and an email conversation with Ben has made me think that a key issue about AGI might be whether the distiguishing feature of an AGI is its raw cleverness in specific applications or its capacity to operate as a mind.   I have a feeling that what distiguishes a mind from raw intelligence is the ability of a mind to anticipate (model the future) and to be self reflective (monitor & model oneself).  This suggests that an AGI would need the ability to model aspects of the world and also to monitor/model aspects of itself so it can reflect on it's own actions/intentions.

I don't think any intelligence can model everything about itself or the world - the task is too big and is also limited by the impossibility of getting much of the needed data.  But the ability to model parts/aspects of the world and parts/aspects of itself is a huge step forward for a mind.

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