> Really, when has a computer (with the exception of certain Microsoft
> products) ever been able to disobey it's human masters?
> It's easy to get caught up in the romance of "superpowers", but come on,
> there's nothing to worry about.
> -Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Clearly there is nothing to worry about TODAY.

And I'm spending the vast bulk of my time working on practical AI design and
engineering and application work, not on speculating about the future.

However, I do believe that once AI tech has advanced far enough, there WILL
be something to worry about.

How close we are to this point is another question.

Current AI practice is very far away from achieving autonomous general

If I'm right about the potential of Novamente and similar designs, we could
be within a decade of getting there....

If I'm wrong, well, Kurzweil has made some decent arguments why we'll get
there by 2050 or so... ;-)

-- Ben Goertzel

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