I'll read the rest of your message tomorrow...

> But we aren't *talking* about whether AIXI-tl has a mindlike operating
> program.  We're talking about whether the physically realizable
> challenge,
> which definitely breaks the formalism, also breaks AIXI-tl in practice.
> That's what I originally stated, that's what you originally said you
> didn't believe, and that's all I'm trying to demonstrate.

Your original statement was posed in a misleading way, perhaps not

There is no challenge on which *an* AIXI-tl doesn't outperform *an* uploaded

What you're trying to show is that there's an inter-AIXI-tl social situation
in which AIXI-tl's perform less intelligently than humans do in a similar
inter-human situation.

If you had posed it this way, I wouldn't have been as skeptical initially.

-- Ben

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