>   Anyway, a constant cave with an infinite tape seems like a constant
> challenge to me, and a finite cave that breaks any {AIXI-tl, tl-human}
> contest up to l=googlebyte also still seems interesting, especially as
> AIXI-tl is supposed to work for any tl, not just sufficiently high tl.

It's a fair mathematical challenge ... the reason I complained is that the
physical-world metaphor of a cave seems to me to imply a finite system.

A cave with an infinite tape in it is no longer a realizable physical

> > (See, it IS actually possible to convince me of something, when it's
> > correct; I'm actually not *hopelessly* stubborn ;)
> Yes, but it takes t2^l operations.
> (Sorry, you didn't deserve it, but a straight line like that only comes
> along once.)



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