Edward W. Porter writes:> To Matt Mahoney.
> Your 9/30/2007 8:36 PM post referred to mine in reply to Derek Zahn and 
> implied RSI 
> (which I assume from context is a reference to Recursive Self Improvement) is 
> necessary for general intelligence.
> So could you, or someone, please define exactly what its meaning is?
Thanks for asking this question, I was just going to do so myself.  If I am 
generally intelligent then I must be able to recursively self improve, even 
though all I can do is change some parameters in a particular neural structure. 
 But that's just learning (even if it is learning better ways to learn).  I 
don't think that sort of learning is what gives Singularitarians nightmares 
about AGI going BOOM a few days after birth, so defining what we mean and what 
we're actually afraid of could be very useful.

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