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> On 10/4/07, Matt Mahoney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Yes, but it has nothing to do with AI.  You are modeling physics, a much
> > harder problem.
> Well, I think compression in general doesn't have much to do with AI,
> like I said before :) But I'm surprised you call physics modeling a
> harder problem, given the success rate thus far in physics modeling
> compared to AI.

Lossless compression of satellite photos of the Earth is equivalent to weather
forecasting, but with less complete information.

Lossless compression of the video appearing on my monitor as it displays
encrypted data is equivalent to breaking the encryption.

Lossless compression of a movie requires modeling both the brains and the
bodies of the people in it.  AGI only requires modeling the brains.

Lossless compression in general is not computable.  AGI is, because we all
have a computer that implements it.

-- Matt Mahoney, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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