I award a Gray Ribbon to Trigon.

On 2018-02-14 12:55, Reuben Staley wrote:
I transfer 5 shinies to Telnaior.

On Feb 13, 2018 17:14, "Madeline" <j...@iinet.net.au> wrote:

You are a bad person.

On 2018-02-14 10:12, Cuddle Beam wrote:

I bid 15 shinies on that auction

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM, Telnaior <j...@iinet.net.au> wrote:

I bid 14 shinies on nichdel's zombie auction.

On 2018-02-14 09:43, Kerim Aydin wrote:

With sufficient support, I do so.
To save Telnaior the bother, I act on behalf of em to pay the fine
by transferring 5 shinies from em to Agora.

On Wed, 14 Feb 2018, Madeline wrote:

Pretty sure you didn't have enough support for that.

On 2018-02-14 09:25, Alexis Hunt wrote:

I support and do so.

On Tue, 13 Feb 2018 at 17:24, Madeline <j...@iinet.net.au> wrote:

I'm not supporting on purpose :)

On 2018-02-14 09:18, Kerim Aydin wrote:

Not that there isn't a fascinating discussion about winning going on,
I REALLY WOULD appreciate either support for the below, or some
from folks that they're not supporting on purpose (i.e. why it's
not a

The current consensus-driven penalty system is very poor at working
there's general apathy/ambivalence towards it.

On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, Kerim Aydin wrote:

On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, Kerim Aydin wrote:
I think a fair assessment is eir January+Feburary salary for the
- 6 shinies - but mitigated by eir confession.  So penalty
is: 5 shinies.

I announce intent to Levy a Fine of 5 shinies on Telnaior with 2

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