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Pretty sure the Gerontocracy is irrelevant. The only things that matter (pretending Lindar's message was effective) are that Fool announced intent within the correct time period, Fool is authorized to perform the action, the action depends on support, Lindar has supported the action, and Agora is Satisfied with the announced intent.

See scshunt's recent CFJ.

Hm so if I am understanding correctly:
* without Gerontocracy, there would be no time limit before the action could be performed, since it only would depend on Support. * with Gerontocracy, it automatically depends on Objections, and so a time limit applies. (Currently 4 days as far as I understand.) * The provisions in the Gerontocracy rule about right to Object take precedence over all other relevant rules, and are worded without any consideration of time limits.

Did 4 days pass since the declaration of intent already, and if it did so, given the strong precedence claims, does that mean the action can now be performed? (Since no Elders have objected yet.) If not, does every Dependent action have to wait until the Gerontocracy ends?

Ørjan (not registered, so if anyone else wants to use the above arguments for anything, feel free.)

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