On Mon, 8 Jul 2013, Kerim Aydin wrote:
> Mainly, the sticking point is in the broadness of R2368's "arbitrary",
> coupled with the fact that the mechanism CAN be changed within Agora,
> but CAN'T be changed by the Party, so from the point of view of Agora,
> there is at least one thing thing that CAN be changed by Agora, but 
> CANNOT be changed by the party, therefore it fails the arbitrary
> rules change test.
> (This is different than relying of the laws of physics, which are 
> outside the bounds of any nomic).

Sorry to keep on about this, but here's another thought:

The traditional win condition:  "omd CAN make arbitrary rule changes
by announcement."  Now, this allows arbitrary rules changes, even 
though it specifies a fixed mechanism.  Cool, a win.
But the key is, omd CAN also change that mechanism by using the
mechanism, so any arbitrary change can be made.

However, the following would NOT satisfy said win condition:  "omd CAN 
make arbitrary rule changes by announcement, but not to this sentence".  
That would clearly not satisfy said win condition, as the exception
makes it no longer arbitrary.

The Agoran method for the Party making constitutional changes is 
similarly out of reach of the party, so it fails the test of "arbitrary" 
as Agora has used it specifically with respect to rules-document changes.

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